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What is behind RuleBook Nerd

After meeting hundreds of Racing drivers, Team owners and Crew chiefs, I realized that shopping for the Driver's safety equipment is not as simple as it sounds. These technical items are spread across many manufacturers, usually in limited supply and it makes the shopping experience difficult. 

RuleBook Nerd solve this issue. One contact, that knows the business and who is able to offer all your favorite items at one place. Just like a personal shopper, you send the request and I will personally take care of it.

RuleBook Nerd will even find the best prices!

With you support, RuleBook will have its own, easy-to-use, No BS, mobile App, where I will personally create your profil . Making it easy to respond to your shopping requests.

In addition, a live chat will be available. Unlike others, it won't be run by an AI Bot. It will be connected to the RuleBook Nerd himself.

How RuleBook Nerd can guarantee the best service? Simply by limiting the number of users. 100% Customer's satisfaction is the #1 Target. Anything that threaten this goal will be carefully avoided.

A simple idea, A simple business for a healthy shopping experience

Meet the Rulebook Nerd

Grateful to do what I do, in my childhood's dream country. What a journey it has been to get there. 

Let's continue on this incredible path, meeting amazing people within a sport that I truly love.

At 15 years old I was working learning everything about repairing crashed cars. From welding to painting I was ready to work.

At 18 years old, big motorcycle accident! 1 year focusing on getting better

At 19, went back to school to learn accounting

At 22, got degree in Accounting and join a top tier Business School in France

At 24, got my Bachelor in Business 

At 27, got 2 Masters degree in Business, including my MBA from Texas A&M


Today, it's the perfect time for me to start my own professional destiny

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